Second Chance Wildlife Hospital


Ron Hines DVM PhD

But read our story below too:

In addition to your dogs and cats, Dr. Hines always treated wildlife like us for free. What fees he charged you for his online pet consultations paid our food and medicine bills. So times are somewhat difficult for us now since the Texas Veterinary Boards and the AVMA put an end to his modest online consultation income. Nevertheless, TPW, NPS and CBP keep sending hurt wildlife like us to him because he is the only state and federally licensed veterinarian willing to accept them in South Texas. None of these agencies contribute to our care financially - they just drop us off at his door and give out his phone and email address when health questions arise. The Veterinary Board and the AVMA don't bully Dr. H as much as they once did.You see, they don't feel cut out of the loop when when he cares for us ownerless foundlings - no power or money lost there.

So think about helping us out with a small donation now and then. We can probably put your surplus medical equipment and supplies to good use too !