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October 12, 2012
Subject: Dr Hines Texas vet

It is inconceivable that the State of Texas would undermine a private
citizen's ability to share knowledge and expertise gained over a
lifetime of dedication to his patients ie pets. Dr Hines has the right
and expectation to enjoy his freedom of speech. There is so much
information available all over the Internet why are you targeting
this man. I very much appreciated his paper on heart disease in small
dog breeds. My chihuahua, Lola is doing okay, she is under her vets care.
Getting good information online when I am relaxed and have time to take
in all the facts is a comfort. Please stop persecuting good people
doing good in this Country. Freedom is not just a word politicians
throw around to make a point. Freedom is what our young men and women
in the armed forces have given their lives for. I think a facebook cause
gone viral is in order. Please reconsider your actions against a private
citizen who has dedicated his life to the well being of our pets.
Very sincerely yours,
N.C. Redwood City, Ca Sent from my iPad


October 19, 2012
Subject: Dr Hines

Dear Sir,
I have a fairly young cat diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I have found the internet extremely informative about the disease itself and about the various options for treatment. I am no expert (indeed vets themselves do not have all the answers to this problem) but the knowledge I have gained on the internet has enabled me to engage with the vets about my cat's treatment, unlike when I was first informed and was rendered virtually mute, unable to participate in the discussion because I had no knowledge base upon which to engage. Currently my cat has been on the new Hills YD low-iodine diet for about 10 days. However, I would like to research this further on-line, which is how I came across Dr Hines website.

I am astonished that Dr Hines is being restricted from giving advice to the general public. We are not morons and should be allowed to gather information in order to make up our own minds. It is no different to researching books or periodicals, except that being on-line is convenient and offers a wealth of information that can quickly be noted or discounted. I guess that is seen by some professionals as threat? Much better to keep Jo-Public ignorant - all the better to fleece you with? I am aware
of the huge financial profits in the pet industry and I believe it is my right to
be able to research how best to spend my own money in the pursuance of treatment and quality of life for my cat.
I would really appreciate answers to my 4 questions below:

Why is the 'Board' getting involved with the public's right to have dialogue
with Dr Hines? Surely the Board has no right to interfere with private email
conversations? Does the Board underestimate the ability of the general public to make informed decisions? Or is there pressure to prevent access to free expert information as this may undermine veterinary consultation fees etc?

I am aware that vets do not like the public to research the internet. They comment that I will be confused by misinformation etc. Yet it was the internet that alerted me to the fact that felimazole has 'rare' side affects, including skin allergy, which my cat displayed after 4 weeks of being medicated. It was also through the Internet that I learned radioiodine therapy does not always work first time and that thyroidectomy's have several drawbacks. This information has put me in a stronger position when discussing treatment options with my vet. I still feel intimidated and am careful how I raise issues with my vet as I do not want to offend or put any ones 'nose out of joint'. This is why it is essential to be able to access expert opinion at a distance. It enables me to research my doubts and clarify issues raised by my vet. I am much more informed and truly believe this is for the good of my pet 'Ginger' as well as giving me confidence in taking
things forward.

Please can you put my comments on Dr Hines file. I do hope you will consider my comments and those of his supporters, and ensure that legitimate information remains available to us.
Kind regards, B. C. , West London, UK


October 21, 2012
Dear Ms Oria and Board
I am alarmed at the steps taken to gag Dr Ronald Hines, DMV (as shown in the Agreed Order 2012-167) - by disabling his very informative website. Seeking his website advice, as I did today for the very first time, does not (and will not) stop me from seeking
appointments with the two vetinarians that I visit (one near my NYC city home and one outside the city where I spend long summer months.The kind of information I was seeking (diet concerns for an aging cat) were not adequately answered by my vets during annual checkups. The specific information I was seeking was better suited to Googling my question and then seeking several sources --looking for a composite of answers, so that
I could use of my own instincts on what to do for my cat's special needs.

Dr Hines responses on suggesting cat's diets was especially helpful. His response was a sort of newsletter filled with information about the dietary needs of an aging cat - some suggestions I hadn't ever thought of. I hope I can keep Dr. Hines' wise and supportive website in my Bookmarks folder for the future use. Seeking information is, after all, at the bottom of being a good caretaker - of pets, of children, etc. and a good citizen. Please do not hinder those of us who seek information from all reputable professional sources that are available on the Internet.
Thank you,


October 28, 2012
To: Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

I strongly object that you are "picking" on Dr. Hines for his valuable information. Remember free speech??? Well, the internet is just another source of free speech and I believe that you are violating that with Dr. Hines. From reading his articles on-line I have gained a wealth of knowledge. All of this information given to me, a consumer and pet lover, leads me to contact my doctor on my cat's pet issues.

Why you feel the need to stifle this "free speech" is beyond me. Please stop stifling Dr. Hines valuable information and leave him alone once and for all.

Captain and Mrs. J.C.B.
Retired Airline Captain for Delta Airlines
Gilbert, Arizona


October 30, 2012

Dear Members of the Board :
In the wee hours of Saturday morning (10/27/12), my neighbors dog, a 10 lb Jack Russell Terrier went into labor at my home Though she technically belonged to my neighbor, they did not care for her, rather leaving her to the neighborhood to do so. Her name was Bella, she slept in my bed, played in my backyard with my own dogs and children, we grew to love her very much. Bella had severe complications during her labor, the first puppy came out with great difficulty, head last and I had to assist, it was terrible. The second puppy got stuck at the head, nothing I did helped, I called a local vet that I had not used before to see what to do, she tried to help me remove the pup myself by phone, but that did not work, so we brought Bella to her. The news was not good, Bella's pelvis was too small, she needed a c-section and the stuck pup was deceased, she had 1 more very much alive inside of her. We were told by this vet at the Athens Animal Clinic that we could either pay $600 for the surgery to save both hers and her unborn pups life or euthanize her, killing both. The neighbors weren't home when we left to take her to the vet, it's not a situation we can wait around for and we did not
have $600,we made the difficult decision to put her down, our hearts are broken.

I have the right to information and to make informed healthcare decisions for my pets, and you, the Board have no right to interfere with private email interactions, what I do or read on the internet or whom I choose to correspond with. I have made crystal clear the need for distance veterinary council during trouble and tribulations with my above story.Dr. Hines might not have been able to help much with her, but that doesn't mean he can't help others as he did us with Miracle...again, please do not limit this information, it is literally life saving.

Thank you for your time,
B.J.M. Athens, TX


November 6, 2012
Subject: Lepto
Please allow Dr Hines website and advice as it is helping me keep my pets healthy
and alive.
Thank You, R.K.
Harbor Springs , Michigan


November 9, 2012
To: Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
RE: DR HINES, DVM, State of Texas

Please record my comments in Dr Hine's file and respond to this email.

I am writing to inform The Board that my right to information about my pets and the right to
make informed health care decisions for my pets is absolute. Your board has no mandate to
interfere or meddle with private email conversations, what I can or cannot view on the
Internet, or whom I choose to correspond with. I have a need and I have a desire for a "distance"
veterinarian that I can lean on and count on in times of trouble and doubt.
It is comforting to know that Dr Hines is available to provide me with a source of honest,
thoughtful information over the Internet on the treatment options for my sick pets or to
share his knowledge about the general care of my pets.

Dr Hines has been my "go to" resource for several years and I have found his input invaluable.
What I choose to do with the information is my right and ultimately any action or inaction is
my decision. Please explain to me why you have chosen to deprive me of my rights. Why have
you decided to target Dr Hines?

Please stop any action against Dr Hines.

Sincerely yours,
Hardinsburg, IN


November 15, 2012
To Texas Veterinary Boards:

I am outraged. Not only are you embarressing yourselves but you appear petulant and trite!
As a companion animal owner who lives a mininum of 45 minutes away from the nearest animal
emergency hospital, I have a right to instant and accurate information. Make no mistake,
my right to make informed health care decisions for my pets is absolute!!! The Board has
no mandate to interfere or meddle with private email conversations, what I can or cannot
view on the internet, or with whom I choose to correspond. I have, no, My Animals have, a
need of "distance" veterinarians on whom they can lean, in times of trouble and doubt.

Any decision you make to penalise Dr Hines is in direct breach of your primary mandate,
which as far as I am concerned, is to ensure that any animal owner giving care or any animal
that recieves care does so by a qualified individual! Snap out of it and find something
that actually does need fixing!

Yours all too sincerely,

Sidney AU


November 23, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:

I write in defense of a gentleman offering his personal experience and education on
animal behavior. Why is it any Jo Blow can write blogs but yet his site is never
threatened because he isn't listed with any boards or other affiliations but if someone
writes an article while holding a degree, he is not allowed to share his views?
Doesn't that leave those seeking quick ideas or advice in the dark, or left with reading
silly answers by other pet owners or those who think they just know the answer? Isn't
that riskier? Then one might say "go see a vet!" Well, my mom has the dog I'm seeking
info on, not me, though I'm the one who found the dog listed with the pound. She is on
disability and you know her income is extremely limited. She has one companion dog, a
small poodle. Problem ? Aggression issues not fully understood. Mr Hine's site offers
info on various types of issues. I've never seen that much info listed in plain English
before so I was ecstatic to find it. Then I read you guys want to shut him down. The dog
nips at people after wanting to be petted. Love/hate. Little known of history. No, users
with typical dogs would not understand this behavior so they can not even come close on
what we could try. Mr. Hines offers ideas. My dog is nothing like this dog, nor were any
of the pets I had growing up.
I agree with everything I read on behavior and now better understand the dog though I
have questions for Mr. Hines, like "is it a good idea to hold a dog that is known to have
the "fear biting" situation in your lap while the dog is growling at family, but is not
aggressive towards the primary owner (the one who's lap the dog sits on)?" The dog was
allegedly abused by previous owners and handled excessively rough by the kennel. (Fist in
mouth, forceful play). Remember, it's a small poodle, not a German Shepard.
Wouldn't it be better to inform the educated writer of a clause he could add to his page
to protect him and others, and allow him his rights of free speech? Educated doesn't
mean we know all the answers but that we have education in areas of life instead of
everything in life. This guy has education in animal care and I am interested in what he
has to say. Sounds like we need a change in the law. We need more educated answers than
yahoo answers from the general public. They have asked that I ask for my remarks to be
filed and questions to be answered, then to inform them. I am fine with that so that is
what I ask. Can you please look into allowing this person to share their info? To err is
human, to strive to do better for the sake of others needing you is divine.

P.B. Oklahoma
Sent from my iPad


November 28, 2012

To: Texas Board of Veterinary Examiners
Re Ronald Hines DVM case #12-167

I am writing this note in support of Dr. Hines who through his superb website without any
charge has provided me with intelligent, easy to understand and competent advice as to how
to keep my cat (and thereby my wife) happy. I live in Carlisle, Massachusetts and have my
own veterinarian 8 miles away with whom I am quite satisfied. Still, I have found Dr. Hines'
website more informative and useful than any book I have read, or, for that matter,
conversations I have had with the local veterinary on the same subject.

Ever since I have been visiting his website I saw and read his warning regarding the terms
of use and disclaimer; there are no secret agendas here, just straightforward, honest
and decent practice to keep pets and the people they own happy. You should be ashamed of
yourself for dragging this good man through this.


Dr. R. E.
Carlisle, MA


December 2, 2012
To:Nicole Oria:

Director, Texas Board of Veterinary Examiners

I would like to seek advice about a stray cat that I've fed for over 2 years.
He is definitely feral, and in obvious, severe pain. From everything I've read
on the Internet, it seems highly likely that he is suffering from ulcers in his
mouth. He is slowly starving to death even though he is hungry. Dr Hines
articles, which I've just discovered are the only source I've found that offers
practical, and clear advice and comments. I'm sure my stray cat will not make
it through the week, but I sure would like to ease his pain and give him comfort.
I'm also afraid that my other cats will become ill. I can't afford a vet and
high surgical costs.

Basically, I'm asking you not to impair the help this vet, Dr. Hines provides.
If there were a way to make pet care and stray animal care more affordable,
believe me, I would seek the help of veterinary care often. Please don't remove
his website, or take away his license. There are millions of animals and caring
people like me that need his services.

Thank you for your consideration.


December 5, 2012
To: Vet Boards


I write this e-mail today in support of Dr. Ronald Hines' work through his
website, I found Dr. Hines' site through a Google search today
while looking for information concerning my 12-year old pitbull's frequent
and persistent diarrhea. I did not look to Dr. Hines for a diagnosis, nor did
I find one. What I looked for were possible conditions that might cause what
my dog seems to be suffering. I have, and have had, a wonderful relationship
with a local veterinarian in whom I have complete confidence. Dr. Hines' site
provided me with intelligent, understandable information that I can take with
me and that will allow me to speak more intelligently with the veterinarian about
possible causes and treatment options. Frankly, I was baffled to read that Dr.
Hines is being investigated and accused of practicing medicine via the Internet.
I did not find Dr. Hines' information to be a diagnosis. I did, however, find
the information to be informative. Why is it that humans can visit sites like
"WebMD" to educate themselves about conditions and their treatments, but pet
owners are being denied the same beneficial education through Dr. Hines' website ?

I have bookmarked Dr. Hines' website and, not only will I refer to the site for
information in the future, but I will refer friends, relatives, and co-workers
who have pets to Dr. Hines' site as well.

Westfield, NJ

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