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January 2, 2014
To: vet.board

I am writing about the Dr Hines case.

My wife wants to declaw my cats. I don't. I read a few articles on the web about it. But only his were helpful.

I wish you'd leave him at liberty and with encouraged not only approved or tolerated right to do this because he is helpful. I am not going to go on and on. I am a lawyer. I understand the processes that must be taking place. My position has to be added with the pro-Hines side. I obviously feel very strongly about this and am taking the trouble to say it.

Of all the stuff I read; only his stuff gave me some feeling of what was truly going on with declawing.My cats will end up declawed. I can't overcome my wife's love of furniture. Don't declaw him if you please.

Again; Mine is only one small vote in this controversy; so I won't go on at length about what value he was to me in this really very upsetting predicament as far as I am concerned. But the small size of my note should not be understood to mean that he was very very helpful with my problem.

Windermere, FL


January 12, 2014

to: vet.board

Dear Nicole Oria,

I would like my statement to go into Dr. Hines' file.
I recently visited Dr. Hines' website to learn more about eosinophilic ulcers that my cat has been diagnosed with. I was shocked to hear that the state of Texas objects to his website, which offers evidenced-base information about veterinary health issues. As a health care professional in the human realm, may I remind you that there are many websites dedicated to human health conditions that allow people to learn more about their own health conditions (Medscape, Mayo Clinic and too many to name here). All come with disclaimers that this information in no way substitutes for a medical professional's exam and opinion. May I also remind you that almost all medical research is funded by the National Institutes of Health, or other government funded entity. This means that my tax dollars have funded this research and produced this information, and I am entitled to have it. The NIH has recognized this, and now most published research findings are required to be available in the public domain 12 months or so after initial publication.
Shame on you for restricting information from the public and penalizing professionals who are attempting to help people become more health literate!


C. W., PhD
Portland, OR


February 16, 2014

To: Vet.board, Nicole Oria

I recently had a cat diagnosed with FeLV and I came across Dr Hines informative sites and his harassment
by the Texas Board.
I am a retired USAF Colonel and I defended this country for 30 yrs of my life and that includes freedom of
speech. I do not take kindly to this harassment. I have talked with several vets online and over the phone
in other states. They always provided me with advice and helped me save some money. The medical boards in
all the 50 states are more concerned with income then helping sick people. Your prices have become outrageous
and ridiculous. If an individual tries to give away some information they are knowledgeable about, it is
their right. The medical boards have created a licensed Mafia, that is licensed to rip off the general public,
instead of helping the people of this country.

I'd like to know why you are harassing this man? I like to know when you will stop?
Your law Veterinary Licensing Act 801.351(c) is so far behind the times and limiting, it is considered illegal
in today's society. Doctors around the world now practice this form of medicine. You need to get up in the time,
have you watched Dr Oz, they diagnose by video phone. JUST BECAUSE YOU DOCUMENT THIS IN WRITING DOES NOT MEAN IT IS RIGHT! This could be considered as a violation of the first amendment and it will be challenged in court in the future.Why are you ignoring his disclaimer? He can give advise and the patient can bring it to his vet for treatment. He is not treating the animal, just giving out information. Explain that to me.

I'd like my comments be recorded in his file and I'd like a response for all my questions.



February 20, 2014

To: Nicole Oria, Director, Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

In reference to Dr. Hines and his web page.
I have 4 miniature schnauzers and one has diabetes and cataracts. I love my precious girl, Sophie. My husband calls her the silver queen, and indeed she is. I just discovered one of the most honest sources of information for my dog diabetes. After reading the information provided - there was a note that this person/vet is being sued. This is the most outrageous action I have seen. This is my protest to the ridiculous action being taken by ignorant and short sighted individuals. I hope they cease and desist this unbelievable action immediately. Your supposed goal is "the relief of animal suffering not the harassment of those trying to help pets and their owners. My right to information and my right to make informed health care decisions for my pets is absolute and none of you have a mandate to interfere or meddle with private email conversations, what I can or cannot view on the internet, or whom I choose to correspond with. Although I have a vet here in Florida where I live, I am always looking for information from those I can trust. I need and desire "distance" veterinarians that I can lean on in times of trouble and doubt. Dr. Hines page provided me with valuable information and helped to not only ease my mind but to know what to ask my own vet when I take my precious schnauzer in to her. There are so many cons and carpet baggers on the net why don't you go after them and leave an honest caring and informed professional



March 6. 2014

Dear Board Members,

I am a Senior Government Advisor, and very able at using the Internet to obtain background information for making decisions about just about everything in my life, including my beloved animals. I have a major life and death decision to make about my dog now and was so grateful when I found Dr. Hines’ website. It is the single-most informative one of its kind that I have come across in the 20 years that I have owned household pets…. And no disgusting advertising either. He isn’t selling anything either!! Dr. Hines is just sharing very straightforward, useful information. I would have tried sending him an email to obtain case specific advice (like what blood Tests to take/ask for etc.) (as he invites you to do if his massive number of articles don’t answer your questions) But hey, his massive number of well-written articles answered my questions, so I didn’t need to contact him…. This time. But I sent his web link to both of my sisters who also are loving animals owners…. Then I went back to the website to make sure I “got it all”… And found out about this case against the good vet. My sister is a PT in the state of TX. So I know all about not providing medical care to someone who is not actually your patient. HOWEVER, it is perfectly possible to continue sharing knowledge at a general level – i.e. “…This condition looks serious and requires close veterinary care…or:…this type of problem will cost you considerable amounts of investment to manage, you might want to consider euthanasia, etc. etc. there are a million cases where just more information can help people like me. Not every pet owner in the world
can afford INTENSIVE veterinary care every single time their dog gets an upset stomach. Sometimes there are simple, obvious answers to problems and sometimes just plain good advice. Dr. Hines’ information and website strike me as a highly valuable source of information for pet owners and without us having to deal with tons of advertising and sales gimmicks. Why would anyone want to stop this kind of sharing? Please. There should be more people like him in this world. It would be a much better place.

New Hampshire ---- Email will also be sent to AVMA


April 14, 2014

Subject: Re Dr Ron Hines.
Nicole Oria Executive Director Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
Texas Governor
Texas State Senate
Texas State House

The purpose of this communication is to provide valid insight into the benefit, I and my family, gained via the website of Dr Ron Hines.We had sought information from our vet here in Australia, regarding the health issue our dog had presented with. As the information given to us was extremely confusing we spoke with a second vet and we came away with no clear understanding of the issue. It was when we googled the disease our dog was experiencing, that we came across the website of Dr Ron Hines. Dr Ron Hines website clearly explained the disease, it provided information on the complexities of the disease which enabled us to a) go back to our vet better equipped to ask relevant questions, b) to be able to make fully informed decisions and c) to then seek their advice on what treatment options were available.

Up until having the benefit of the information on Dr Ron Hines website we were at a total loss to understand issue. The easy to read, comprehensive details on Dr Ron Hines website was invaluable to us as no doubt it has been to many others.

Please do not deny people of his experience / expertise and knowledge contained on his website.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Rowville VIC, Australia


May 4,2014

Dear Members Of The Board:

My Name is *******, I am writing on behalf of Dr. Hines. I am requesting that my remarks be recorded in his files and included on the official review of his case. Can you please answer my one question in reference to this review of Dr. Hines. I have never written or spoken to Dr. Hines personally but I have read and researched issues I was having with my Family members. You see I consider my pets to be members of my family. And I would like to know why an Association as yours would want to stop me from writing, calling or sending a message to the person electronically I feel could help my family member the most. In 1988 I was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor and given 15 days to live. I was 28 years old. My family called and sent reports to doctors all over the United States of America. I didn’t go to each of those doctors and Specialist. But you know each one gave their independent advice and thoughts on what treatments they felt would be in my best interest. I am very grateful for what each and every doctor did for me. You see I am still here writing this letter to you . What is our way of life here in our country coming to? Especially in your state of Texas. I am from and live in the state of Missouri the “Show Me state” So please stop this anti American way of thinking towards what Dr. Hines is doing to stop the suffering of our family members. Get back to that Great State of Texas way of doing things.
It looks like to me Dr. Hines is representing the Texas way of getting things done. Please do not mire it down in petty ways of thinking the People of Texas are better than that. I believe you are. So Show Me by putting a stop to the harassing of Dr. Hines.

Thank You all for your time and support of this Practice.



May 11, 2014

to vet.board,nicole.oria:

I had what had been a healthy, 10 year old, 17 lb. cat put to sleep on Dec. 6, 2013, about 2 weeks after I first became aware that he was ill. (He was 1 of my 3 cats.) Because I had numerous issues demanding my attention the last 6 months or so, it wasn’t until today that I sat down to write Dr. Ron Hines a thank you because one of the articles he posted (“Lymphoma in Your Cat”) helped me cope with my cat Bailey's illness. I wanted to give a donation to Dr. Hines so he could continue his great work over the internet. I am absolutely appalled that Dr. Hines has been prosecuted because of his internet work. I hope this email with the attachment gets to Dr. Hines so he will know how very, very grateful I am to him. I will be researching the web further to see if there is any manner in which I can support him.




May 17, 2014
To: Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

I am a pet owner and was looking for some expert answers on some topics, when I came across Dr. Hines website, I was trying to contact Dr. Hines, I read all about the case you have on him about his interaction and communication with his readers.There are lots of other veterinary websites that offer you "answers" and charge you up to $75 for an answer! That costs almost as much as a visit to the vet office, and the website cannot assure you anything because they are not examining the actual pet. Websites like the ones of Dr. Hines are very useful and I found it amazing that he cared so much for his clients or readers and their pets, to take the time to answer their mail personally.
I consider that admirable.Who decides with whom a doctor communicates? Maybe the "problem" is that he is offering great advice at no charge when other websites that see this as a business, charge far more than they should.Honestly I have to say I am disappointed, because as I read on your organizations website, your goal is to "ensure that Texans are effectively and efficiently served by quality veterinary professionals by setting clear standards for professional conduct, etc."
Is there any harm in a doctor contacting his patient? Or answering his mail? Or offering advice?

I hope Dr. Hines will get a FAIR decision on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.


Puerto Rico


June 6, 2014
To: Texas Board Of Veterinary Medical Examiners

In the past month alone, I have paid my local veterinary clinic over $2000 for services for several cats. In trying to better understand their problems through online research, I found, a website operated by Dr. R. S. Hines. It was wonderfully informative, so I sent a donation of $50. I don’t think his efforts contribute in any way to illegal or unhealthy competition with other veterinarians. There are other sites that answer veterinary questions; there are many that provide similar services for human health; & I might have a radiograph taken
by my physician “read” by a doctor in India, quite far from my home.

Dr. Hines is giving the kind of information we are commonly encouraged to seek out—“ask your doctor...”, “know what’s in your food...”, “what are the warning signs of stroke?”. It is outrageous that the state of Texas or any other entity should be trying to silence him or interfere with his activities. Please enter my opinion in his case file.

Kerrville, TX

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