I am updating my article on the usefulness of the SDMA kidney test.
If your vet  has followed SDMA levels in your pet, perhaps you would 
share those values with me. RSH email



Work That Needs To Be Done


I spend more time gardening now than working with wildlife. But if I was younger and more energetic, I would begin measuring the pH of these bunny’s urine as they mature, carefully record it, and share that knowledge. I would use a light microscope to examine the organisms found in mature cottontail ceca, gram stain them, and document their appearance in baby rabbits and their influence on the baby’s general health. I am guessing that there will be a drop in pH and an increase in gram negative bacteria in their stools shortly before the cottontails get into trouble, similar to what Lajos Lelkes found.

I would develop and share better growth tables. I would link up with a veterinary school microbiologist to identify these organisms and with a university rumenologist to interpret their significance and the roles they play. I would explore the benefits of added sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in preventing gastrointestinal problems in weaning rabbits.