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If you have a cat that is + for feline leukemia
or feline AIDS and it received raltegravir 
(Isentress ®) = a human AIDS  medication, 
feline interferon omega, thiamine, 
niacinamide or slippery elm bark in its treatment
plan; I would very much appreciate 
knowing  the results. RSH email





SNAP® FIV/FeLV Combo Test

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus/Feline Leukemia Virus


Feline Immunodeficiency Virus/Feline Leukemia Virus

The AAFP Guidelines for Testing (PDF) recommend testing all at-risk cats, sick cats and kittens to determine infection status.

When it comes to their cats’ health, your clients don’t want to miss a thing. In fact, 80% of cat owners said they would pay for this test if their veterinarians recommended it.1

The SNAP FIV/FeLV Combo Test makes it easy to screen for infection during a brief appointment.

The Information Specialists, Inc. Pet Owner Needs: A summary of research information concerning pet owners and veterinary care. 1993.


Combines benefits for your patients and your practice


  • Screen for both FIV and FeLV using just one blood sample.
  • Choose the sample that is most convenient for you: serum, plasma or anticoagulated whole blood.
  • SNAP® ELISA technology delivers accurate, in-house results in 10 minutes.
  • Interpret results with confidence—the patented bidirectional flow ELISA platform provides a clear, easy to read signal.
  • Use the time while the test is running to consult with pet owners on other medical needs, providing a more valuable patient visit.
  • Effective care and management can help infected cats live long, healthy lives.


Compliance Tip

By offering each of your clients the opportunity to screen for FIV/FeLV, you’re giving them a comprehensive picture of their pets’ health. Here are some ways to improve client compliance:

  • Develop a standard clinic protocol for FIV/FeLV testing.
  • Include FIV/FeLV testing on reminder cards for all cats receiving an FeLV vaccine.
  • Offer an FIV/FeLV observation form and client brochure to every cat owner who enters the clinic.
  • Support education on testing with client brochures available through IDEXX.
  • Initiate a discussion with your clients about their pets’ environments, personalities and habits to determine if their cats have been exposed.