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A Sandhill Crane Accidentally Builds It's Nest In A Flooding Area. We Salvage A Single Egg:

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How to Check the Accuracy of Thermometers:

All thermometers should be checked for accuracy occasionally. Try to find a good test thermometer. Heat a beaker of distilled water to approximately 100F (37.8C). Put the accurate thermometer and two or more of the thermometers to be tested the water and stir to keep the water temperature uniform. While the thermometers are still in the water, check recording temperatures against the test thermometer. Human hospital thermometers are quite inaccurate. If you put twelve of them in warm water, you will probably see considerable variation.

If the mercury becomes separated in a thermometer you can repair it by:

1) Put the thermometer in the freezer of an ordinary refrigerator for about 40 minutes. Remove the thermometer and shake the mercury repeatedly down until all enters the bottom bulb, or:

2) If the thermometer has a reservoir at the top, put the thermometer in warm water to force the mercury into the bulb at the top. Be careful not to have the water too hot or the thermometer will crack. Then take the thermometer out and shake down the mercury as it cools.

Todos los termometros deben ser probados para seguridad de vez en quando. Nesesita Ud. Una de marka centifico para esta prueba. Puse lo mejor en agua distilada circulando. Mentras todos los termometros estan adentro, controlar que todos estan en mismo nivel. Los barratos son muy imprecisos y tiene que buscar entre muchos hasta encontrar dos buenos.

Si el mercurio separo , puede Ud. repararlo poniendolos en el congelador de refigeradora comun. O en agua
Tibia hasta que todo el mercurio esta en conjunto en un compacto y entonces sacurir hasta que todo esta abajo.

Measuring Relative Humidity
Metro de Humedad Relativo

Relative humidity may be calculated by comparing the temperatures recorded by dry bulb and wet-bulb thermometers. The dry bulb records the normally known temperature of the air. The wet-bulb thermometer is an ordinary thermometer in which the bulb has been covered with as water-moist cotton wick. When air is forced around this bulb and wick, there is a cooling effect produced by the evaporation; and he more cooling, the lower the recorded wet-bulb temperature. As temperature determines the amount of moisture air will hold at maximum capacity, a table must be used in order to determine the percent relative humidity of the air being measured:

La humedad relativa se puede calcular por comparacion de la temperatura del bulbo-seco menos los grados registrados en el termometro del bulbo-mojado. El seco registrara la temperatura del ambiente.. El mojado baja por la evaporacion del agua. Con la diferencia se puede calcular la humedad relativa usando la tabla de medida que esta abajo.

Porciento de Humedad Relativo es Determinada por diferrencias en bulbo-mojado y bulbo-seco thermometros

Degrees Wet-bulb is below Dry-bulb Temperature
Grados que el Bulbo-mojado es bajo de el Bulbo-seca

1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0

Reading 1.8 3.6 5.4 7.2 9.0 10.8 12.6 14.4
C F % % % % % % % %

35.0 95.0 94 87 81 75 69 64 59 54
36.0 96.8 94 87 81 75 70 64 59 54
37.0 98.6 94 87 82 76 70 65 60 55
37.5 99.5 94 88 82 76 71 65 60 55
38.0 100.4 94 88 82 76 71 66 61 56
39.0 102.2 94 88 82 77 71 66 61 57

Percent Relative Humidity as Determined By Wet-Bulb Reading When Dry-bulb Temperature is 37.5C (99.5F)
Porciento de la Humedad relativa determinada por bulbo-seco quando el bulbo-mojados esta a 37.5.C (99.5F)

Wet-bulb Reading: Degrees Centigrade
Bulbo-mojado lee: Grados Centigrado
37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27

Wet-bulb Reading: Degrees Fahrenheit
Bulbo-mojado lee: Grados Faranheit
98.6 96.8 95.0 93.2 91.4 89.6 87.8 86.0 84.2 82.4 80.6

Percent Relative Humidity
Porciento de a Humedad Relativa
97 91 85 79 73.5 68 62.5 57.5 52.2 47.5 42.5

In the hatching of eggs, Galus eggs should loose approximately 10.5% of their initial weight during the first 19-21 days of incubation as should crane eggs of a period of 30-35 days. Weigh them or candle them and mark the lower border of the air cell with a pencil. It should be about twice as large by the 21st day.
En el processo de incubacion de huvos, Gallus, los huevos tiene qu perder aproximadamente 10.5% de su peso inicial durante los primeros 19-20 dias de incubacion; de la grulla igual durante 30 - 31 dias de la incubacion . De Grus canadiensis Pesarlos o mire con luz este pacio de aire. Tiene que aproximadament doblar el espacio durante el periodo de incoubacion de 21 - 35 dias.