I am updating my article on the usefulness of the SDMA kidney test.
If your vet  has followed SDMA levels in your pet, perhaps you would 
share those values with me. RSH email

Hi , My name is Pancho, I am the mostly greenish macaw on the far right - they call me a Harlequin macaw. My father was a Greenwing Macaw - like the two red ones in the center - but my mother was a blue and gold macaw. Guess you read Dr. Hines' email to my owner. I have just felt so stressed out and antsy lately - can't figure out why. Things are the same that they have been my whole life. I know my owners love me but I just don't feel right. So when they aren't interacting with me, I spend my time preening my feathers. The new ones kinda itch when they come in so I worry those the most. It's normal for me to peel the sheaths off of them when they are sprouting - but I get carried away and before I know it, I yank them out. Perhaps if I had other stuff to occupy my time, I wouldn't be sooo.. compulsive. I am kinda embarased about what my chest looks like now, but if you click here, I'll show you.