Cytopoint And Inflammatory Bowel Disease In Dogs

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Ron Hines DVM PhD

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May 26, 2019

My dog has IBD (6 year old golden doodle, diagnosed at 4 years old). I gave her Cytopoint to treat black leathery itchy skin on her inner back thighs, and had great results - her skin issue cleared and she was very happy and energetic. Her IBD was non existant - it was a magical ten weeks. Our first injection was good for 5 weeks, the second one also. The third injection did not work - her body stopped responding - her IBD returned (diarrhea) as well as the itchy black skin. 

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December 30, 2018

[ ] I have a two and half year [old] female papillon - Kate - which we suspect [ ] has IBD. Since she was very young like less than one year, she has shown difficulties on her digestive system. [ ] As she itches herself a lot we also were giving Cytopoint [ ] However after 3rd time we have given it she had her first case of IBD...with strong diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and some vomiting which we believe started after an inflammatory reaction ( to Metacam ) . For that reason I believe Cytopoint did not help to prevent it, I suppose.
I am a bit concerned [that] Cytopoint in this case [did] not help on the specific intestine inflammation.

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October 23, 2018

Dear Dr. Hines,

I came across your website [ ]. In your Cytopoint article you state, “On another positive note, Cytopoint might even be helpful to dogs with inflammatory bowel disease - since IL-31 stimulation is thought to play a role in chronic intestinal inflammation as well. (ref) (let me know if you find this to be the case in your pet).” 


October 23, 2018,

Well I am writing to you to tell you I own two Bernese Mountain Dogs where that is exactly what happened when given the Cytopoint injections.

[My] 10.4 yr old female BMD, Tia, has been battling IBD/Lymphangiectasia since mid 2013.  The diagnoses were confirmed by biopsies taken through a full abdominal surgery in 2014.  Over the years, she has been primarily treated with prednisone however there was a short period of time where she was on Imuran and the IM specialist wanted to put her on cyclosporine as well.  Over the years, as you are aware how these disease work, it was a roller coaster ride…she would stabilize and then eat one small thing and it would set her off and she would lose 30# and it would take months to get her back on track.  Beginning in the fall of 2016 she began to slide terribly… over the months she lost more than 30# and even with feeding her a modified raw diet [ ] I could only keep her stable and she gained only 5#.  In April of 2017 she began panting heavily and developing muscle wasting in her hind end.  At that time she was diagnosed with pituitary based Cushing’s disease.  In May 2017 she received her first Cytopoint injection.  She has suffered from atopic dermatitis for the nearly nine years I have had her.  She had a complete chem panel done in April 2017 in trying to diagnose the Cushing’s and her Albumin level at that time was 2.3.  Before then it fluctuated between 2.2-2.4.  She then had bloodwork done in June 2017 after having her first Cytopoint injection and her Albumin was 2.9, in Oct. 2017 it was 4.3 , in Jan 2018 it was 2.6 and in August 2018 it was 2.8.  Tia has gained back all of the 30# + an additional 10#. Tia is no longer having to take pancreatic enzymes…she is not on any corticosteroid for her GI. She weighs 95# [and has] no diarrhea at all, not even soft stool after eating treats. She can now even eat pizza crusts and not a worry…




At the same time I was on the roller coaster ride with Tia, her son, Leonardo was also diagnosed with IBD/ Lymphangiectasia. [ ]  He experienced the same [rise] in albumin levels once he was started on the Cytopoint Leonardo continued to have the same increase in albumin levels until the end of May of this year when he crashed.  He was given wings on June 8, 2018.  He died of hemorrhagic histiocytic cytosis a variant form of the Histiocytic Sarcoma that takes nearly 25% of our beautiful breed.  There was one site that alluded to the possibility that there may be a link between the Cytopoint injections an IMHA and hemorrhagic histiocytic cytosis is often times misdiagnosed as IMHA.  Leonardo had just turned six when he died. .  
I firmly believe that the Cytopoint injections saved my Tia’s life.

Sincerely,  P. F., Louisville, KY