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Harry Needs A Home


Ron Hines DVM PhD

Harry is a 2 year old harris hawk. He was shot off the top of a telephone pole along highway 281 in Brooks County, Texas. By the time the game wardens got wind of it, Harry was being kept for amusement in an old deer blind - his left wing healed wrong. He could fly, but no better than a chicken when he was brought to me.

Besides being a dog and cat doctor, I am the only Texas Parks & Wildlife and US Fish & Wildlife Service licensed wildlife veterinarian south of Corpus Christi and north of Monterrey, Mexico. (ref) So most of these cased get dropped off at my door. (ref) I surgically repair the the ones that I can for release. (ref) But Harry arrived too long after his injury. So he lives content for now with my wife and I. His favorite meals are chicken quarters (fat removed) twice a day during the week, and calve liver on Sundays. Rabbits and small birds are no longer his preference. I am sure he is lonely - harris's hawks are the most social of all the raptors. Other injured harris hawks come and go. But I return them to the wild. I need to find a permanent home for Harry. My mission in life and my time is consumed getting sick and injured dogs and cats well, injured wild creatures back into the wild (ref) and tending to the 2ndChance website for folks like you - not accumulating an animal menagerie. Perhaps you have a location where Harry might live out his life in tranquility. If so, please let me know and we will try to work something out.

Ron Hines