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January 15, 2015

To: vet.board@veterinary.texas.gov
Subject: RE: Ronald S.Hines, D.V.M.

Dear Honorable Board Members and Administrators,

I am contacting you as someone who is socially adept and understands the value of the freedom of information act. This is inclusive of political minefields (or unfortunately - profiteering) due to the power of lobbyists and the ultimate goal of financial gain by corporation with high powered, well financed lobbyists.

Please let me make it quite clear that passing along one's knowledge is not (can not reasonable be construed as "providing care." If it was considered as "providing care" then anytime one would go to any website littered over the Internet that espouse "cures" or "remedies" the site and owner would have to be held accountable as "providing care" be it human or the welfare of animals.

The particular website owned and operated by Ronald S. Hines. D.V.M. provides only informed, educated, information. The website does no provide cures or acts as a replacement of our individual Veterinarians. I, as most people who have any reason intelligence and or compassionate care, take all my animals to their doctor as I do with another member of my family.

As to anyone paying to Dr. Hines via his website for his time to further help one's understanding of all the conflicting information one receives from various Veterinarians, pet food, and Pharmaceutial companies, via in person, or through other websites like Dr. Hines', can not and should never be considered as a "violation of the Veterinary Licensing Act 801.351. If it was to be considered as a violation then I urge you, and expect you, to shut down all other websites that discuss anything to do with pet or human care. If not, then clearly there is a singling out of one site in hundred of thousands throughout the world INCLUDING Texas. What Dr. R. Hines provides is an educated answer to particular questions an individual has regarding information they have read themselves, or have been provided, not unlike when any professor at an university is contacted regarding questions about a chemical compound or say simply what is the best glass to use in a hand built telescope.Might I strongly remind you that the World Wide Internet was set up for the sharing of information. What one individual chooses to do with that information is the responsibility of that individual. Heck - just pay attention to what is going on in the world. Are we entitled to decide that information is acceptable only if it agrees with our supporters or our financial gain? Perhaps current of laws of freedom of information act should be reviewed and or all Physicians and, or, Doctors of Veterinary Medicine websites should be silenced?!

We individuals, citizens of the United States of America, have the right to information, be informed, and make decisions for our beloved pets. Conversations and decisions made with my pet's local Veterinarian and or emails to other experts are my conversations and thus private be it one in the state of Texas, Oklahoma, California or in the U.K. I cherish that I can chat
with with experts of all fields, including but not limited to when my pet's doctor is unavailable. The practice of medicine is a informed "best guess" game. The more I understand information, the better my personal doctor or my pet's doctor can determine possible causes for maladies. Having the opportunity to talk to a Vet, at anytime of the day via online or other method when I can not reach my pet's Doctors is valuable to our Vet.


C. S.
Los Angeles, CA


January 20, 2015

To:vet.board, nicole.oria,

Please make these remarks part of Dr. Hines file and take them into account in any determinations regarding his website or his practice:

I am very much concerned that the AVMA is pursuing complaints against Dr. Hines. It has been my experience that his website has been invaluable in expanding on and clarifying information that my vet has given me and that Dr. Hines has aggregated a lot of information on studies and drug protocols that would have been difficult for me to find. I have not had the opportunity to communicate with him directly or request a consultation, but I demand that I should be allowed to do so if I wish.

In addition, I feel that there is no right to interfere with Dr. Hines in his correspondence on the internet, just as there would
be no right for anyone to intercept or open his mail. In any case, he is entitled to his opinions and to make his opinions known.

N. B.
Los Angeles. CA


January 27, 2015

Dear Ms. Oria and other Members of the Texas Veterinary Boards:

I am truly shocked that you are trying to muzzle Dr. Hines. Of all the veterinarians blogging and posting on the Internet, and there are thousands, he is the only one that I've found who is NOT promoting some product or agenda. I was so relieved to find a good old fashioned actual animal DOCTOR among all the marketing and manipulation. I have a good old fashioned actual veterinary
practice for my animals, but sometimes in the middle of a the night it is good to be able to check online with a trusted source of basic information. Dr. Hines also consistently refers people to consult their own veterinarian locally rather than just relying on his articles.I've never emailed Dr. Hines, nor have I ever donated to his site. I've been reading his carefully researched articles and posts and following the links out to the cited research. Very few, none that I've found, veterinary
bloggers cite actual research. Most are citing commercial product results. I'm a librarian who teaches other librarians how to fact-check and do research. I would recommend Dr. Hines' simple but well researched and supported Web posts over the fanciest professionally produced blogs. In essence, you've all decided to attack an excellent, science based, veterinary blogger. I am sharing this issue with my friends in the American Library Association and I'm going to advise Dr. Hines to be in touch with the Texas ACLU. Attempting to suppress one veterinarian's right to post about his professional knowledge on the Internet is outrageous.
I am expecting that you will put this email in the files that support Dr. Hines' right to free speech and association.

D. K. K. Cleveland/Akron, Ohio


January 31, 2015

Please reconsider your position in this case. Dr. Hines loves helping these animals and they need his help. I have many animals myself, most of them are rescues. If I had to take my animals to the vet for every little thing that happens regularly, I would not be able to rescue as many as I do. I rely on resources and Dr. Hines is an invaluable resource. I have managed Feral Colonies
for 20 years now, I receive spay/neuter Vouchers and vaccination Vouchers too but when something goes wrong as it always does, I turn to Dr. Hines website because I know I will get accurate information. If something happens that I feel requires a vet visit then I absolutely take them in but most of the time it's something that I can do myself with the right information.
With my own animals, I still turn to Dr. Hines Website, especially before taking my animals to my own Veterinarian. Why? Because I can understand Dr. Hines better, he really breaks stuff down where the reader understands and that helps me a great deal when walking into a vet visit because I understand better which results in better care for my animals. At least with people like Dr. Hines out there, we are getting accurate information. I am inclined to believe that the Texas Board of Veterinary Examiners must care about animals and I believe that Dr. Hines cares about them too. And isn't helping the animals the objective ?

Please reconsider your Position.

Sacramento, CA


April 3, 2015

To: vet.board@veterinary.texas.gov
Subject: Dr. Ron Hines

Dear Board Members,

Please allow Dr. Ron Hines to continue to exercise his right to free speech by providing information to pet owners worldwide over the Internet. His outstanding articles and thoughtful comments help us as pet owners know how to communicate with our own veterinarians so that we can work with them to protect the health and well-being of our pets. We cannot emphasize enough how important his information and thinking has been as we move into a stage of palliative care with our dog. Please do not deny this kind of support to those who love all creatures great and small.

F.and D. P.
Ocala, FL


May 30, 2015

To: vet.board vet.board@veterinary.texas.gov
Dear Sirs,

I would like my comments to be included on file regarding the case against Dr Hines.
To attempt to legally gag someone from corresponding online in anyway they please is heavy handed censorship worthy of any dictatorship. To learn that this is being attempted in the land of the free, is shocking. Dr Hines' actions are a noble example of selfless endeavor. It should be applauded. Why then does this attract legal action from the very board that represents him and
his profession? Alas it is not difficult for us to draw our own conclusion as to the avaricious nature of this case. There is neither a moral high ground nor far sighted rationale behind this legal action. Nobody wins if it succeeds. Least served of all is the welfare of animals. In this age of digital information new methods must be embraced and allowed to challenge the status quo. Of course we want to ensure the livelihoods of hard working Veterinarians, but draconian measures such as this will not stem the flood. Wikipedia is free to anyone! Instead, the board should be engaged in dialogue with Dr Hines, seeking ways his initiatives could be integrated into veterinary practice to improve the service offered to their clients.



June 4, 2015

Dr. Hines,

Let me first say, I admire you for your the work you are doing in helping people and their pets. We have the same thoughts. [ ]. We have developed an App called "XXXXX" that allows people to connect, via recorded video to a certified vet. We have developed an international group of vets from Canadian, British, South African, Australian and New Zealand to answer the calls. I am asking your opinion, in that do you think we will run into the same issues that you have come up against with the Texas State Board? We would very much welcome any insight you might have regarding the obstacles that you have come across. If you are open to a conversation, please respond with a number where I can reach out to you and I will gladly do so. I can also be reached at XXXXXX.com I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,
P. H., Ontario, Canada


September 5, 2015,

To: vet.board
I am writing regarding the past case referenced above to express my feelings about this situation. While I have never paid Dr. Hines for his services via online and to use his service from NC I would have to do so, I support his right to offer this service. Part of my reasoning is that I rescue exotic birds and own 10 parrots. As a lover and owner of these magnificent creatures, there are very few veterinarians in this country who are informed about the maladies that affect them. We who rescue them get them with horrible illnesses, from terrible situations and backgrounds and unlike most pets, many can live up to or over 100 years. We are faced with grave challenges, unlike other pet owners, and when you have this resource, you need it. Avian vets are few and far between and good, well informed avian vets are even rarer. All you need is to try to care for a Nanday Conure that you have no idea of it's age, background, etc., that begins to develop horrific gout and every vet you see is scratching it's head. Then you would understand the value of Dr. Hines articles and how little $58.00 really is. Just once. The pain and need is unbelievable. I just wanted to throw my hat into this ring. Perhaps some type of understanding of service could be accomplished but he is needed.

Winston Salem, NC

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