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Why Is My Dog's BUN:Creatinine Ratio Abnormal ?

Why Is My Cat's BUN:Creatinine Ratio Abnormal ?

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Your Pet's BUN to Creatinine Ratio

= BUN:Cr Ratio

Mathematically calculating the ration between the amount of urea and the amount of creatinine in your dog or cat ’s blood gives your veterinarian clues as to why your pets blood urea nitrogen level (BUN) might be high. I mentioned many of the causes of high BUN levels here. Many of them can be ruled out or ruled in when considered in ratio with the pets creatinine level. The two values will go up or down in tandem when kidney or urinary tract problems are the cause and so the ratio value should remain similar . When one is out of balance with the other, health problems outside the kidney might be the underlying health problem.

Why Might My Pet's BUN:Creatinine Ratio Be High ?

A high BUN/Creatinine ratio value might means that your dog or cat was dehydrated when the blood sample was obtained. But since the test is not precise, the ratios cannot be relied upon entirely to rule out other causes.

Why Might My Pet's BUN:Creatinine Ratio Be Low ?

A low BUN/creatinine ratio is more likely due to refusal to eat, starvation, malnutrition, advanced liver disease or even late pregnancy.

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