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Keppra Pet Owner Feedback


Ron Hines DVM PhD




Keppra worked well with my old carolina dog

Eastover, South Carolina
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After adopting our cat in Feb, 2015, we started noticing a messy floor when we returned home from work and after some time realized that she suffered cluster seizures – about 7 in a 2-day period every 3 weeks.  The fits reduced in severity over the 2 days and the last two were often just a bit of stumbling around and confusion.
Jazz is a timid cat who is terrified of being held with two hands. Jazz is very difficult to take to the vets.  She was prescribed a low dose of phenobarbital, which after a short delay, controlled the seizures completely although she was a little lethargic sometimes.  However after some months she was reluctant to eat and after a few days stopped eating and then drinking. Her liver was irritated and she was really ill.  After two days on an IV drip she ate a little and was allowed home overnight to try tempting food.  But as that was not successful she had an operation to insert a feeding tube.  After a few days of this we took her home, as she didn’t cope well in the hospital and managed the feeding regime ourselves. [] When the feeding tube was removed, a different vet decided to try phenobarbital again as not convinced it was a problem as the seizures had started again. But within a week she had stopped eating and I refused to give her more.  Spoke to the original vet who agreed, as I had requested, to prescribe Keppra (collected from the chemist [pharmacist] at a fraction of the cost, with a low dose 0.5ml twice daily as we could not manage three time daily.  He suggested we try it and see what success [we might have]
No seizures for over 2 years now.  Cat very happy and well.  We are careful which generic brand we buy as some smell strong and only have a shelf life of 1 month when opened.  As we can’t hold Jazz we mix her dose in lik-e-lix cat yogurt (teaspoon) on top of a teaspoon of smelly cat food.  She usually leaves the cat food and only eats the yogurt!  So all is well.  We also manipulate the dose. Sometimes spreading [it] over 3 [feedings] reduces the dose (minimum of 0.2ml). If we wish to go out when a dose is due this works well too.  Also we have stretched the 0.5ml dose to 13 hours [with] no problem.  She sometimes seems a little vague and think this is when she would be due to have a cluster seizure and she is very keen for her yogurt those days so assume it makes her feel better. Hope this helps.

D. H.
Isle of Wight, UK