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August 9, 2013

Dear Ron,

I asked Dr. Konyaev (http://www.parasitology.ru/index.php/parazitologicheskoe-obshchestvo/sibirian-parasitologist/1-obo-mne) to comment on the use of Fosprenil and this is what he wrote:

"There are very few veterinary practices in Russia where FIP can currently be diagnosed using a 100% scientific approach. The practices which can do that normally do not use fosprenil at all. The practices which do use fosprenil typically cannot differentiate FIP from other causes of feline ill health and abdominal enlargement. There are currently no veterinarian practices in Russia which would be able to provide sufficient evidence of the effect of fosprenil; therefore there are no facts proving its efficiency.

As there is a basic premise in all of science, that a person claiming something to be a fact must first prove it, and not visa versa, fosprenil has no curative effect in cats with FIP."

Best regards


Здравствуйте, Ronald.

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