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If you have a cat that is + for feline leukemia
or feline AIDS and it received raltegravir 
(Isentress ®) = a human AIDS  medication, 
feline interferon omega, thiamine, 
niacinamide or slippery elm bark in its treatment
plan; I would very much appreciate 
knowing  the results. RSH email














This is a fanciful image of your dog's pancreas. Your pet's pancreas meanders (winds like a river) between loops of its small intestine. A portion of it is outlined with a dotted green line in section P. L is your pet's liver, and GIT are the loops of its small intestine. When a small area of the pancreas within the green circle is enlarged 1000x , A is a healthy acinus or enzyme-secreting organ, while B shows the same area inflamed and degenerating under the effects of pancreatitis.